Life Notes
April 3rd, 2024 Long

Standard of Living

Let's consider the US standard of living, the world standard of living, and the capacities of the planet. I don't believe we can sustain the present US standard of living and tech our way out of a climate crisis with EVs (bad idea) and the like and go on our merry way. After the 2008 recession, investment managers were always pitching that investment returns could be found in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) because these economies all were growing and trying to achieve the US standard of living. Well, the US has less than 10% of the world population, yet has long used well more than 50% of the worlds resources. This is all unsustainable on a planet wide basis. So, individual choices to live in a smaller footprint seems to me to be something everyone needs to get used to accepting for the future.