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I simply wish to express my gratitude to Vincent, the terrific creator of Scribbles. I love his style, both in design and in his transparency of being a good human. 

A New Calmer Tech Space

I have concluded one of those antsy phases of trying things, and changing things. I obtained my first ever domain, and played with all the settings. I tried three blog options - Scribbles, and Scribbles is now the only blog for me. Along with dropping, I dropped Drafts as I don’t need to send words that many places. I am using Day One for certain kinds of notes, and Simplenote for plain text, with for some reference notes and things not in plain text. It all makes sense and it is working. I need not explore anything further for now. 

The mere perception of theoretical accuracy means I can never sell this watch. The needle tip hands and minute track are just cool. 📷

I'm feeling very grateful this morning for a cozy house, and a cozy room of my own. I've toyed with calling my room a "den" or a "study", but last night I was watching a British show where offices were referred to as "my room" and I like it. It connects with childhood.

Standard of Living

Let's consider the US standard of living, the world standard of living, and the capacities of the planet. I don't believe we can sustain the present US standard of living and tech our way out of a climate crisis with EVs (bad idea) and the like and go on our merry way. After the 2008 recession, investment managers were always pitching that investment returns could be found in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) because these economies all were growing and trying to achieve the US standard of living. Well, the US has less than 10% of the world population, yet has long used well more than 50% of the worlds resources. This is all unsustainable on a planet wide basis. So, individual choices to live in a smaller footprint seems to me to be something everyone needs to get used to accepting for the future. 

I have maintained book lists of my reading since 1995, and only recently came across the earliest file. I have now put together a master list that totals 1,346 books from 1995 to 2023. It is amazing to see how long ago I read certain books. Quite a head trip!

Free Resources

I took a course in Management Accounting (cost accounting) in my sophomore year of college in the late 1970s. Our professor pointed out very clearly the missing piece of accounting - the "free" resources we take from the earth, and the destruction we leave behind. We had a book for that class of essays on all the issues of this incomplete way of addressing the costs of living, and of our economic system. So, not only were we aware of environmental issues - at least after Earth Day 1970 - but also a major fallacy built into our economic system that supported using up the planet. This was nearly 50 years ago. Imagine if things had gone a different direction. The Financial Accounting Standards Board has addressed things like interest rate swaps and collateralized mortgage obligations, but has never addressed accounting for the full costs of human life on earth. 

Just had an amazing delivery service of some new chairs. They provided a three hour window, and a live tracking map. The ETA got earlier and earlier, and they beat the early end of the time window by 65 minutes. This never happens! 

This morning, I saw someone say what we’re doing to combat climate change is like trying to cure cancer with homeopathy. That is a statement both wise and sad. 

Creativity versus Activity

Of late, I’m thinking hard about what I want to write and how I want present my thoughts. I have noticed some folks who seem to have near manic activity they call “creativity”. This isn’t the sort of thoughtful approach which I appreciate reading, and seek to work out for myself. 

I'm really looking at doing an overhaul of my on-line life. 

First, I will be revisiting interacting on a Mac versus an iPad. I've been iPad only for the better part of four years.There are sites and functions that seem more designed for Macs, so we'll see how that feels. I've used a keyboard sparingly with the iPad. Now, I’m getting a new Mac. 

Second, I need to commit to a blog site. I've been on for about three years, though I deleted everything prior to 2024. I have set up two other options for comparison. It's time to choose, and just be good with the result. 

Applying Ai Art to a Memory

I ran across a blog by a guy I worked with in 79/80, which set me on a run of Anchorage memories. One was of a bookstore with a logo of a reading polar bear. So, I tried my first Ai image. Not quite right, but I was wasn’t patient enough to tweak it.

Multiple Meanings of Journaling

A great number of posts have been made over the years about journaling. It is clear to me that the term is used to mean different things to different people, or at different times. 

Events of the Day - it can mean simply making a record of what happened on a given day, or the day before. I am tempted to call that chronicling. 

Free-Flowing - it can mean a "morning pages" session of letting loose anything that comes to mind without pausing to think too hard or evaluate the content. This is good for discovery. 

Introspection - In can mean really digging into what you are thinking and feeling that underlies the events of the day, or that is more enduring as a trend, behavior pattern or intention for daily or future practices. This can be self-driven by an ongoing inner dialogue, or perhaps suggested by a writing prompt. 

I think it can be confusing when discussing journals and journaling to have different concepts of which process we are focused upon. I mostly use the third type of daily introspection, with crumbs of the events of the day mixed. I'll also put some events of the day in a separate record. And, rarely, I'll use free-flowing writing. 

All of this is very valuable, but not all the same thing - though we all use the term "journaling" for one, two, or three processes. 

Not Rating TV, Movies and Books

I like to enjoy my stories, however delivered. My general impressions are that I liked something, or I didn't like something. I don't want to be parsing out all the details of what was "wrong" with a given show, movie or book. Even more so, I refuse to think in terms of ratings like "X" number of stars. Everything is relative, and there may be aspects of a story that are thought provoking and useful regardless of how much I liked or did not like the overall result. I think it reduces the impact and respect for things to arbitrarily put "X" number of stars to something, and how in the world can I compare widely different content and genres according to an arbitrary "rating". What does a star, or half a star, really mean? I'll choose by the description, not by ratings. So....that's me.